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Dozen of Specialty Cupcakes View full size
Dozen of Specialty Cupcakes


A dozen of our specialty cupcakes made with our traditional cake flavors, frostings, fillings and/or toppings.

Flavor Descriptions

Chibob - Chocolate chip cookie baked into a chocolate cake, topped with cream cheese frosting, & a chocolate chip on top.

Holligolly – Buttercake infused to perfection with brown sugar, topped with a small circle of cream cheese frosting, and sprinkled with brown sugar.

Berryboo – Strawberry rum cake, topped with a rich rum frosting.

Lemonti – A citrus joy of lemon cake, topped with a creamy orange frosting, and sprinkled with orange zest.

Banumja – Banana cake, filled with a butterscotch center, topped with cream cheese frosting & coconut sprinkles.

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Dozen of Specialty Cupcakes

Dozen of Specialty Cupcakes

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