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I originally started Sketch N Cakes because I was unhappy with the cakes that were available to me. As the oldest of 9 siblings and from a large family, we would always have birthday cakes and cupcakes at our celebrations every month. With a sweet tooth and a creative mind, I found myself unimpressed with the taste and appearance of the cakes we would buy. It was then, that I was determined to improve our options.

An artist at heart, I thought to myself, "If I can draw and paint on paper and on walls, I can do it on a cake!" So I went to the kitchen and began my journey. My first cakes impressed everyone, and with word of mouth, my hobby grew. Before I knew it, I had a newfound love for baking. I love expressing my creativity through the art of cake. I'm inspired by everything around me - from the colors of the sunset to a sweet flavor in the air, or even an art project created by my children. After years and years of perfecting my own take on what I think is a tenacious view of the cake industry, I aspire to keep growing and learning innovative ways to help brighten up future celebrations!

I hope to one day pass the torch of my empire to my two daughters Isabella and Holliston. They have definitely inherited my whimsical way of thinking, and enjoy watching mom at work. Until that day comes, they are the cutest little baking assistants; and I look forward to what we can create together.

With an amazing husband by my side and 3 wonderful kids to support me, I’m constantly reminded of how blessed I am to live my dream every day. I hope to inspire others to chase after their dreams. With hard work, dedication, consistency, love in your heart, and motivation, I truly believe you can accomplish anything.

Thank you,

Tiffany Rebozo-Brand

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