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Specialty Cupcakes

Specialty Cupcakes

$25 Traditional Dozen
$35 Vegan/GF/O Dozen

  • Holligolly Cupcake

    Holligolly Cupcake

    Buttercake infused to perfection with brown sugar, topped with cream cheese frosting, and sprinkled with brown sugar.

    Available in V/GF/O/DF

  • Chibob Cucpake

    Chibob Cucpake

    Chocolate chip cookies baked into chocolate cake, topped with cream cheese frosting, and a chocolate chip.

  • Berryboo Cupcake

    Berryboo Cupcake

    Strawberry rum cake, topped with a rich rum frosting.

    Available in V/GF/O/DF

  • Lemonti Cupcake

    Lemonti Cupcake

    A citrus joy of lemon cake, topped with creamy orange frosting, and sprinkled with a citrus zest.

    Available in V/GF/O/DF

  • Banumja Cupcake

    Banumja Cupcake

    Banana cake filed with a butterscotch center, topped with a creamy butterscotch frosting, and shredded coconut.

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